Security Services


When it comes to protecting your family, home and possessions they deserve only the very best.

Wealth & Safety offers comprehensive and confidential training, sourcing and installation services to cover all your security needs.

We aim to provide high-quality security with a personal touch:

Superior Service: with thoughtful, highly-qualified technicians known for their integrity and confidentiality.

Bespoke: with products tailored specifically to your requirements.

Professional: with insurance-approved, market-leading products.

Competitive: with very attractive prices.

We are renowned in the insurance industry for the high quality of our work, and in particular for the absolute confidentiality of our safe installation service unique to the UK.



All homes are not the same.

Wealth & Safety is renowned as a leading industry expert on CCTV.

Our specialists will guide you to the best system for you and your pocket.

Camera positioning is crucial, so use our wealth of installation experience to ensure you achieve the best coverage.

In addition, we offer a wide choice of viewing and recording features to suit the size and layout of your property.

We can monitor your CCTV via approved and vetted monitoring centres. We can even deter potential intruders by using built-in microphones and loudspeakers to talk to them.