Security Survey


When it comes to protecting your family, home and possessions there can be no room for miscalculation.

That’s why we recommend that our skilled specialists carry out a comprehensive security assessment of your home and lifestyle – with confidentiality and sensitivity as the keywords.

We carefully assess how your home is used and protected, if family members are vulnerable in their daily lives, and whether your current arrangements are appropriate. We also research current crime trends in your area, to see if they might affect you. If we find risks, we’ll explain them.

In our proposal we set out our observations and advise options for improvement – whilst striving to ensure you can continue to live your life the way you want.

Simply select the elements you feel best reflect your needs, and we’ll do the rest. If you need to upgrade or extend systems later, you can.


Our specialist IT Inspection

Theft of information can be more damaging than loss of possessions.

Our carefully chosen and vetted technical inspection team are specialists in detecting sophisticated eavesdropping devices.

With 15 years' experience they are fully conversant with the latest technologies.

Our search equipment is of the highest quality and continuously updated. It detects the presence of both active and passive surveillance devices, regardless of whether they are operating at the time.