Safes (Insurance Approved)

Protecting your property, valuables and your confidentiality.

On behalf of insurers, we conducted a review of historical thefts of safes supplied by other companies. As a result, because of our confidentiality, integrity and policing background, we then started our own supply and installation of safes.

Learning from the unfortunate experience of others, we work on a strictly need to know basis. Insurers and our clients are reassured by our extremely high levels of confidentiality. Our safes are British-made and manufactured. We only use two vetted persons to undertake all our supply and installations.

Our Wealth & Safety team offers personalised service, and all team members are expert in their field. We are unique in the way we supply safes on a need to know, confidential basis.

Good quality safes, installed correctly, will protect your watches, jewellery, heirlooms and documents. A lot of thefts occur in the home from people who have legitimate access.

Bespoke insurance-approved safe consultancy and supply is not as expensive a service as you may think, and is a worthwhile investment.

Our safes team offer specialist advice in selecting premium quality but cost-effective fire-proof, high-security safes with the correct insurance-approved rating for you.

Insurance-approved safes will normally carry an AIS certification – which stands for The Association of Insurance Surveyors. AIS is a highly respected body of experts who specialise in risk control and risk reduction, and these people operate within the UK insurance sector. An AIS-approved safe provides substantial safety for the contents within, and should therefore be listed on the insurance policy.

Whether the safe is to be installed in your home or your business, a premium quality safe will provide a great deal of added protection to your cash or valuables, papers and personal items.

By installing an insurance-approved safe you will gain much more protection for your valuables. You will gain additional peace of mind and know that you have taken that extra step in the protection of your personal property and valuables. 

In general terms it may be assumed that if a safe is rated to cover a specified amount of cash then the cover for valuables is multiplied by 10, e.g. £100,000 cash cover offers cover for up to £1m valuables. Our safes are fully tested by the LPCB, offer fire protection and are AIS-certified.

The value is also in the safe’s installation.      

Our expert installation ensures they are sited safely. And once installed, we can add further electronic security to give you maximum protection.

Safeguarding your confidentiality is paramount. In order to maintain our high-levels of confidentiality and integrity we have a unique installation process, in that we do not pass your details to the manufacturer, nor do we pass your name on to our installers.

Our experienced vetted safe installers have worked with us since 2005. They operate on a ‘need to know’ basis, so even they don’t receive your full contact details.

And as well as protecting your property and your confidentiality, we retain our integrity with our pricing structure. We ensure that we offer a competitive price which includes nationwide delivery and installation services.   

To learn more call us on 0800 5200 999 / 07838 200 742 or simply click here 

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