Security Services

The Wealth & Safety team offers an array of security services to cater to every type of need of our customers such as:

Security Surveys

When it comes to protecting your family, home and possessions there can be no room for miscalculation so we would recommend our skilled and experienced security specialists conduct a confidential and sensitive but comprehensive, security assessment of your home and lifestyle.  

In our proposal we set out our observations, and advise options for improvement – whilst striving to ensure you can continue to live your life the way you want.

The choice of security improvements is entirely yours

To learn more call us on 0800 5200 999 / 07838 200 742 or simply click here.


The Wealth & Safety safes team offer specialist advice in selecting premium quality, fire-proof, high security safes with the correct insurance-approved rating for you. 

From our years of experience we have found that we have a great deal of confidence in recommending and installing safes which (where appropriate) are British made to the highest standards, have insurance approvals, and where required, may be of bespoke manufacture.

Our expert installation ensures they are sited safely. And once installed, we can add further electronic security to give you maximum protection.

We use only three vetted safe-installers who have worked with us since 2005. They operate on a ‘need to know’ basis, so even they don’t receive your full contact details.

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CCTV systems in place help to prevent theft, vandalism and other criminal activity, as well as reducing risk of other incidents such as fires, and providing useful evidence when required.

As recognised specialists in this field our team can conduct a security survey and best advise upon your requirements – all of our team inclusive of CCTV installers are fully vetted – press link to explore in greater detail

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Fire and Security Systems

Fire risk assessments conducted

Our Fire Risk Assessment and our range of detection and extinguishing equipment, gives you and your family the best chance of survival.

Our fire risk assessment takes about an hour, and allows us the opportunity to suggest ways that we can help you to make your home safer.

We have a wide range of high-quality equipment and our fire systems can be connected to an Alarm Centre.

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Intruder and Fire Alarms

Intruder alarms are widely accepted as an effective deterrent for burglars, providing a useful warning and limiting theft and damage to premises, in fact surveys carried out in England indicate that premises are less likely to be broken into if they have an intruder alarm fitted

Our specially vetted team will review your current alarm, highlight security risks, if any, and offer expert advice on the best system for your needs.

The long experience of our NSI Gold and Silver accredited installers ensures our alarm systems are among the most reliable on the market, reducing false alarms.

Our intruder alarm systems are simple to use, fit your lifestyle (we even offer wireless alarm systems) and have many helpful optional features.

All our alarms can be integrated with CCTV, fire alarms and security lighting for total protection.

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Perimeter Fencing

An extensive range of perimeter fencing equipment and services from Wealth & Safety

From sophisticated locking systems, aesthetically pleasing but secure gates (auto or manual), fences, movement detection systems, CCTV Systems and night vision cameras, accredited intruder alarms, video breach confirmation, security lights, electronic barriers through to sophisticated access control systems.    

Relax and rest-assured that our security survey professionals will cast their expert eyes over your perimeter and recommend systems of protection that will neither make you feel a prisoner nor will they spoil the look of your home.

Our expert staff will guide you to the best solution for your needs, taking into account blind spots, easiest access points. Keeping in mind at all times your privacy and integrity, our fully vetted team   can also project-manage the installation programme.

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Personal Protection

Our Team, through Gold Command are able to provide tailored Close Personal Protection and Bodyguard services to high net worth and celebrity clients, and any legitimate persons requiring protective services, both within the UK and on an International basis.

Our team consists of specially trained and vetted former members of the Special Forces or the military or the UK police, and are selected on their experience, adaptability and situational awareness.

This service is available in the UK and internationally.

To learn more call us on 0800 5200 999 / 07838 200 742 or simply click here.

Vehicle Tracking Systems and Round the Clock Protection

We offer market-leading, Thatcham and insurance-approved trackers, with the latest GPS and GSM technology and Multiple Active Sensors. These will trigger an alert at the control centre, who will liaise with you and the Police for vehicle recovery.

  • By using our vehicle tracking systems you will have 24-hour monitoring, GPS tracking, and full European coverage.
  • We are the only UK vehicle tracking company run by highly experienced former police officers.
  • Our insurance-approved trackers carry up to a 5-year warranty.
  • Our leading recommendation is the Thatcham Category 5 accredited Scorpion Track 5.
  • Facility for remote immobilisation of the vehicle in an emergency situation.
  • Vehicles may be tracked on a mobile, laptop or PC and our specialist vehicle tracker technicians can fit it at your home / office or reasonable location of your choice.
  • Tracking unit supplied with 2 driver recognition cards but can accept up to 10.
  • Tow-away alerts and movement without keys in ignition.
  • You maintain privacy as our recommended trackers do not store your location or speed history and you can also track your own vehicles.
  • Fitted to leading automotive brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes, Range Rover, Lamborghini, Toyota, Subaru and many others including leading truck manufacturers.

To learn more or to receive our literature on recommended vehicle tracking systems call us on 0800 5200 999 / 07838 200 742 or simply click here.

Debugging and Cyber Security

Theft of information can be more damaging than loss of possessions.

Don’t allow the privacy of your home to be compromised

Our specialist IT inspection team will explore your cyber security status and look to ensure that your data, privacy and personal internet integrity is as secure as possible.

Our de-bugging team will conduct sweeps in your home to check, disable and remove listening / eavesdropping devices, hidden cameras and microphones, pick up on electronic surveillance equipment being used.

Vehicles should be checked and de-bugged also.    

Our search equipment is of the highest quality and continuously updated. It detects the presence of both active and passive surveillance devices, regardless of whether they are operating at the time.

To learn more call us on 0800 5200 999 / 07838 200 742 or simply click here.

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