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Wealth and family carries its risks as well as its rewards

We deliver a complete service, from consultation through to installation for the security of your family, home, possessions and business.

The reality is that you and your family should be able to enjoy the safety, security and personal privacy that we are all entitled to.

In today’s society, high net worth individuals are taking their family and personal security far more seriously.
They are very discerning when it comes to selecting who to contact in the delivery of safety and security solutions.

Founded by Peter French, a much-respected former senior police officer,
Wealth and Safety was created in order to help you and your family avoid
the risks that wealth may carry with it.

 Insurance Approved Safes 

Protecting your property and valuables with confidentiality. We provide you with a personalised service for premium quality, cost-effective, fireproof, and high-security safe installation.


A CCTV system in place can help to prevent or deter theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Wealth & Safety is renowned for its work and includes a recognised leading industry expert on CCTV.

Intruder & Fire Alarms

Do you dread the thought of an intruder in your home?
We aim to protect your family, your home, and your possessions via our systems – all of which can be integrated with CCTV and more.

Vehicle Tracking Systems
Anti Theft Trackers

We deliver affordable and cost-effective systems that include anti-theft trackers. insurance-approved with the latest GPS, GSM technology, and multiple active sensors for round-the-clock protection.


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