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Perimeter Gates, Fencing, and Railings

Forms of personal protection and property protection are, in some ways, rather like the structure of an onion… in that everything works in layers

Having installed protection and security systems and the necessary disciplines in order to keep yourself, your family, privacy and property safe, it is best to add another layer to your security – perimeter fencing. The home perimeter fencing system simply becomes your first line of defence – a means of keeping the right people safe and secure and the wrong people out.

An extensive range of perimeter fencing equipment and services is available from Wealth & Safety.

Our range

Our range Includes:

  • Sophisticated locking systems
  • Aesthetically pleasing but secure gates (auto or manual)
  • Fences
  • Movement detection systems
  • CCTV Systems and night vision cameras
  • Accredited intruder alarms
  • Video breach confirmation
  • Security lights
  • Electronic barriers
  • Sophisticated access control systems.

Relax and rest assured that our security survey professionals will cast their expert eyes over your perimeter. They will recommend systems of protection that will neither make you feel a prisoner or spoil the look of your home.

Depending upon your requirement and circumstances, perimeter fencing does not often require something that resembles a security area in a war zone! Our team often recommend and install quality, natural-looking fencing and gate systems. They ensure that these are truly in keeping with a home, and which will look little different from any other fencing and gate system. The aim of which is to enhance the look of your property without drawing attention.

Our expert staff will guide you to the best solution for your needs, taking into account blind spots and easiest access points. Keeping in mind at all times your privacy and integrity, our fully vetted team can also project-manage the installation programme.

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