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Security Doors

Security doors installed by Wealth & Safety

Wealth & Safety security doors provide not only high levels of security, and peace of mind, but are also designed to offer aesthetic benefits to a property. We provide and install external and internal security doors: designed to suit any architectural style, they provide the highest levels of security as well as excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Decorative security doors

Bespoke security steel door sets are specially manufactured to replace any kind of door inside or outside the building, and can be made to match any architectural style: from Classic and Tudor, all the way to contemporary and modern in order to seamlessly blend into your house style and look.

SECURITY DOORS - Decorative security doors

Made-to-measure security doors

Wealth & Safety security doors can be made to replicate existing doors: single and double doors, doors-and-a half, doors with built-in windows or surrounded by windows including fan lights. The type of glass depends on the degree of protection you require and can include ballistic performance.

Bespoke steel security doors with Multipoint locking

We offer a wide range of bespoke security doors controlled electronically, with double galvanised steel sheets reinforced with internal vertical omega cut-resistant stiffeners in manganese steel, adjustable welded hinges and dog bolts with integral double steel frames and a range of other high-quality engineering features.

High Security Multipoint Locking with Euro Profile Cylinder is a feature of our security doors. The locking system provides concurrent operation of two double locking bolts at the base, three in the centre and two at the top of the door leaf; the lock itself has a central shaft that is hardened to resist cutting, individual bolts of die-cast toughened steel and a gearing system that ensures a smooth operation.

With the additional protection of a hardened steel defender (shroud) which is firmly anchored within the door leaf, it provides added protection against attempts to attack the locking system.

A further feature is the gear lock. Apart from its inherent resistance to forced entry, in the event that a cylinder was to be forcibly removed the lock itself is blocked so that it cannot be removed.

These are just some of the features our doors offer, coupled with multi-varieties and flexibility, to ensure we try to meet all of our valued clients’ requirements. Fitted by our fully vetted installers and with the added comfort of knowing that your details will have been treated with the utmost confidentiality and integrity, you are always in safe hands with the team at Wealth & Safety.

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