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Security Surveys

Burglaries and aggravated burglaries are on the increase.
We can significantly reduce the chances of you becoming a victim

We would recommend that our skilled and experienced security specialists conduct a confidential and sensitive, but comprehensive, security survey (assessment) of your home and lifestyle.

We carefully survey and assess how your home is used and protected. We consider whether family members are vulnerable in their daily lives, and whether your current arrangements are appropriate. We also research relevant current crime trends in your area, to see if they might affect you. It is a full, but subtle, security risk assessment, and if we ascertain that there are risks, then we will explain them via a detailed report.

In our research, we set out our observations, and advise on options for improvement – whilst striving to ensure you can continue to live your life the way you want.

When it comes to protecting your family, home, and possessions, there can be no room for miscalculation.

The choice is entirely yours

The choice of security improvements is entirely yours, if indeed any are required.

Simply select the elements you feel best reflect your needs, and we’ll do the rest.

If you need to upgrade or extend systems later, you can.

Specialist IT investigation and inspection

Data and information is currency – don’t let it be your data and identity that is stolen.

Information theft can be damaging and impact upon your financial status and reputation. If you are a company, data theft can ruin your business.

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