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Debugging and Cyber Security

Theft of information can be more damaging than loss of possessions.

In the business world, it is commonly known that data (or information) is regarded as currency. Which is why it is crucial to know about cyber security.

Even without thinking about protecting your on-line information or of eaves-dropping devices in your home environment, simply consider the amount of home automation devices many of us now utilise.

Don’t allow the privacy of your home to be compromised.

 “It took between 5 and 20 minutes for security researchers to hack various smart home devices.”

The report went on to say that consumers who outfit the home with automation and do not take special precautions may be inviting hackers and thieves inside!

How many of us are still using a router that we have had for years and have no idea if it is running up-to-date firmware?

Our specialist IT inspection team

Our specialist IT inspection will explore your cyber security status and look to ensure that your data, privacy and personal internet integrity is as secure as possible.

Our debugging team will conduct sweeps in your home to check, disable and remove listening / eavesdropping devices, hidden cameras and microphones, and pick up on electronic surveillance equipment being used.

Vehicles should also be checked and debugged.    

Technical counter measure services (TCMS)

Our vetted technical counter measure services (TCMS) covert inspection team comprises former Security Service Police and Military Specialists.

These experts can detect sophisticated eavesdropping devices and other security issues installed in homes, hotels and company boardrooms. With many years’ experience, they are fully conversant with the latest technologies.

Our search equipment is of the highest quality and continuously updated. It detects the presence of both active and passive surveillance devices, regardless of whether they are operating at the time.

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